Projectile Weight/Rifling.

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Re: Projectile Weight/Rifling.

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Snake wrote: Wed Nov 30, 2022 12:57 pm Making low cost armatures is great, but some of us would be willing to spend the extra money on something that would provide a more stable flight trajectory. Granted, you did say the cost goes up "drastically," but for those of us with limited options the value of our lives doesn't exactly have a price tag. Nothing would preclude you from continuing to sell the low cost armatures. I would very much like to see specialty armatures that are aerodynamic and/or made of material with maximized density. You could do versions featuring one or the other and both. Armature with both features would obviously be the most expensive but the thing about armature is that you can basically reuse them indefinitely, making the investment way worth it.
We are investigating high flux magnetic materials with a university partner facility. The shape of the projectile doesn't make much difference in terms of acceleration/kinetic energy on target, but the material affects how much force can be exerted on it by the magnetic fields. We are also investigating electromagnetic rifling of projectiles to improve flight stability.
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Re: Projectile Weight/Rifling.

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Awesome. Keep us posted!