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700V/350W High Voltage/Frequency/Current DC-DC converter

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The Arcflash Labs HVFC50 is an ultra-compact, high power, battery (12-25) to 700V quasi-resonant DC to DC flyback step-up converter.  Its inputs and outputs are NOT isolated with respect to ground.  “HVFC” refers to the units’ intended operating conditions: High Voltage (up to 700V), High Frequency (up to 100kHz), and High Current (up to 1A output at max power point).  The unit is designed to handle input voltages up to 25V and a dead-short condition across the high voltage terminals for short periods of time (<10s).

The HVFC-50 is the most powerful commercial battery-operated capacitor charger in the world.  Similar units operate with an order of magnitude lower output power and/or efficiency.  The HVFC50 is capable of charging one 12mF capacitor bank up to 500V in approx. 4 seconds.  The unit also features a hardware cutoff voltage trimmer which can be adjusted to set the maximum hold voltage.  This feature is especially useful in a capacitor charging application as the unit can charge a capacitor up to its maximum rated voltage and will automatically shut down, start up, and hold the capacitor at its set voltage indefinitely without exceeding the setpoint.

While it is not recommended, the HVFC50 can also output high frequency, high voltage and high current AC for use in portable welding equipment such as portable TIG and MIG welding designs by tapping the bridge rectifier across its middle leads.

The HVFC50 is also ideally suited for use in a portable defibrillator application.  Its very high voltage makes it a potential replacement for a large bulky capacitor bank in a portable defribrillator.  Higher voltage transformers may be installed if unit is ordered in bulk.

  • Up to 650W output power @ 100V or up to 350W output power @ 500V
  • Adjustable cutoff voltage w/trimmer potentiometer
  • Rated for dead-short operation across the high voltage leads for up to 10s
  • Simple operation: DC high voltage automatically turned on when low voltage DC is connected.
  • Independently heatsinked MOSFETs for optimal thermal characteristics.

It is the responsibility of the End User to ensure compliance of the product with all federal, local, and state laws.  This product is intended as a sub-component for industrial systems only.


Material: FR4/Sendust Core

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″

Weight: 139 grams

Documentation: HVFC50 Manual_v2

Device exempt from FCC certification under section 15.103-h:  (h) Digital devices in which both the highest frequency generated and the highest frequency used are less than 1.705 MHz and which do not operate from the AC power lines or contain provisions for operation while connected to the AC power lines. Digital devices that include, or make provision for the use of, battery eliminators, AC adaptors or battery chargers which permit operation while charging or that connect to the AC power lines indirectly, obtaining their power through another device which is connected to the AC power lines, do not fall under this exemption.  For more information:

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
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