1232 Magnetic Armature (box)

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Type 1232 magnetic armatures designed for GR-series accelerator(s) – box of 81.


Out of stock

SKU: 1232x81pk Categories: ,

This 12mm diameter magnetic steel armature designed for the GR-series accelerators.  This is the only ammunition recommended for such accelerators. Pack of 81.

These are literally just 12x32mm steel dowel pins. You can purchase them from your local hardware store or online at many retailers. We sell them here for the sake of convenience. Any steel rod between 10.0-12.4mm in diameter and between 25.4-32mm (1″-1.25″) in length which slides cleanly down the GR-1 barrel can be accelerated and will fit into the GR-1232 magazine.

Although it is possible to fabricate your own armatures and fire them from the GR-series accelerators, we discourage such actions and caution users against using home-made or non-OEM armatures since such armatures could degrade, jam or score the barrel or foul the optical gates.

Material: 52100 Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 12mm (0.472″) Diameter x 32mm (1.26″) Length

Weight: 27 grams (each)

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