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Arcflash Labs, LLC specializes in ultra-high energy pulsed power supplies.


Arcflash Labs, LLC was founded in 2017 with the goal of advancing and demonstrating novel pulsed-power supply technologies to disrupt a variety of industries with 21st century alternatives:

Spacelift – Mass drivers and deep space propulsion
 – Portable defibrillators
Welding – Portable arc welders
Defense – Counter-UAS and high velocity accelerators
Firearms – Low noise, adjustable-velocity EM guns

Currently, Arcflash Labs offers ultra-high energy pulsed power systems as stand-alone boards, components, and fully assembled electromagnetic accelerators.  Currently, we are the world’s first and only corporation offering portable EM accelerator technologies to the general public.

Arcflash Labs was founded by David Wirth and Jason Murray, both Aerospace Engineers, former US Air Force officers, and experts in pulsed power supply development with 20 years of combined experience.  Both have a longstanding record of success in developing high-profile electromagnetic demonstrators and power supplies for industrial, commercial and hobbyist devices.

  • 2010 CG-33 Portable Coilgun


    CG-33 Portable Coilgun

    Jason Murray successfully constructs a 1.25kJ handheld coilgun, one of the most advanced handheld coilguns developed at the time with a muzzle energy of over 25J. The video instantly gained popularity on Youtube, garnering over 4.5M views. The design was also featured in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

  • CG-42 Portable Automatic Coilgun


    CG-42 Portable Automatic Coilgun

    Jason Murray improves on his design and develops a fully automatic multi-stage coilgun with a muzzle energy of 10.9J at 460 rounds per minute . This design employs low voltage lithium ion batteries and is a safer alternative to capacitors.

  • XPR-1 Portable Railgun

    OCTOBER 2015

    XPR-1 Portable Railgun

    David Wirth develops the world’s first portable plasma armature railgun, weighing 45lbs with a muzzle energy of roughly 50J. The design used 6 high voltage capacitors storing 1.8kJ of energy, and was triggered with a pnumatic injector. The design was posted on Reddit and garnered widespread media attention and over 2.5M views.

  • Arcflash Labs Founded

    AUGUST 2017

    Arcflash Labs Founded

    David and Jason partner to form Arcflash Labs, LLC – the world’s first electromagnetic armaments development company.

  • Semi-Automatic Portable Railgun

    DECEMBER 2017

    Semi-Automatic Portable Railgun

    David Wirth releases footage of the world’s first semi-automatic portable railgun, weighing 30lbs with a muzzle energy of  75J and reload time of under 1 second.

  • EMG-01A

    MAY 2018


    Arcflash Labs develops the EMG-01A.  The first commercially available low-voltage coilgun.  Similar to the CG-42 it is a fully automatic accelerator with a muzzle energy of 5.0J at 460 rounds per minute.


David Wirth

David Wirth


Additive Manufacturing Expert
Digital and Embedded Systems
Lorentz Accelerators

Jason Murray

Jason Murray


Modeling and Simulation Expert
Analog Systems
Gauss Accelerators

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