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15 ft-lb/11kW full automatic Gauss accelerator
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Near Silent Firing

Variable Caliber Ammunition

Interchangeable Rechargeable Battery


Rounds a Second

Ultra-Low Recoil

An invoice for the remaining balance ($2,898 + shipping) will be billed to the customer prior to shipment.
A 10% deposit ($322) secures your place in the current batch. Orders are typically shipped in under 40 days. For more details on the current production status please visit: https://arcflashlabs.com/pre-orders
Units will be shipped out in the order they are received.
Shipping is UPS Adult Signature Required- typically $90-$200 depending on location. Additional charges may apply for customers shipping to Hawaii.

– Full liability waiver *may* be required of end user prior to shipment
– Unit ships with one (1) EMG-02 gun, one (1) hard carrying case, one (1) battery pack, one (1) battery charger, one (1) 15-round magazine (MG15A), as well as ten (10) 51634 armatures.

The Arcflash Labs EMG-02 (Electro-Magnetic Gun – 02) is a 10 stage medium voltage capacitor augmented fully automatic coilgun.

It features 8 computer optically controlled stages and 2 booster stages, allowing the accelerator to fire up to 13 rounds per second (burst) at velocities up to 75m/s.

The EMG-02 is configured to fire variable caliber steel armatures (dowel pins) between 6-8mm in diameter and between 19-22mm in length.  Arcflash Labs recommends the use of 51634, 51678, or 2575 Magnetic Armatures, but any ferromagnetic dowel pin (between 6-8mm in diameter and between 19-22mm in length) should work.

The EMG-02 is shipped with a single stacked 15 round (MG15A) magazine, and can also accept EMG-01B magazines (MG18), as well as the larger MG15XL magazine.  The gun also ships with a 15S Lithium-Ion (drill) battery pack (and associated charger) which can provide power for over 300 shots before needing to recharge.

Additional batteries can be purchased from many retail or online establishments. The EMG-02 should accept any 60v flexvolt compatible battery. One example of a 60v EMG-02 compatible battery can be found on Amazon.

Primary power source1x 15S LiIon – 63V
Power supplyProprietary (11kW)
Capacitors1x MV electrolytic
SwitchesProprietary (IGBT-based)
Projectilevariable caliber, alloy steel, 4.6-8.5g
Magazine Capacity15-18 rounds
Battery CapacityUp to 300 shots per battery
Rate of fire8.0 rounds/sec (auto) 13 rounds/sec (burst)
Muzzle velocityUp to 75 m/s
Muzzle energyUp to 20J
Barrel length13.0”
Physical Dimensions32.5” x 9.0” x 4.5”
Overall Weight (unloaded, no battery)9.7 lbs

Documentation: EMG-02 Manual

Device exempt from FCC certification under section 15.103-h:  (h) Digital devices in which both the highest frequency generated and the highest frequency used are less than 1.705 MHz and which do not operate from the AC power lines or contain provisions for operation while connected to the AC power lines. Digital devices that include, or make provision for the use of, battery eliminators, AC adaptors or battery chargers which permit operation while charging or that connect to the AC power lines indirectly, obtaining their power through another device which is connected to the AC power lines, do not fall under this exemption.  For more information:


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Lead time on backorder: 1-2 months.

Shipping restrictions

Cannot ship to the following states: Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, District of Columbia. The following counties: King County (WA). The following cities: Seaside (CA), Bridgeport (CT), Stratford (CT), New York (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Bronx (NY), Staten Island (NY), Queens (NY), Glen Oaks (NY), Floral Park (NY), Yonkers (NY), Buffalo (NY), Rochester (NY) Philadelphia (PA), York (PA). If you are a resident of a state which is highly restricted but you are outside the restricted city or county in such a state, please contact us before ordering.

Shipping cost

Approx. $150 due to high weight, additional insurance and signature verification. Dependent on location.

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