Shipping policy


Last updated July 25, 2021


You must be 18 years old to purchase on our on-line store. (Must be 21 for certain products)

You are responsible to determine that no laws or regulations prohibit your purchase or possession of our products including: coilguns, railguns, armatures, power supplies, components or other products and that there are no other reasons that you cannot legally purchase or possess the product.  We consider all fully assembled coilguns and railguns (hereafter referred to as Functional Electromagnetic Accelerators or “FEA”) as air rifles for the purpose of determining legality in your home location.

* An adult signature will be required for all sales of FEA. 


By purchasing any of our FEA products, you agree to waive and discharge all rights to bring suit against Arcflash Labs, LLC (including agents, representatives, managers or employees of Arcflash Labs, LLC) in the event of user error, injury, malfunction, or other adverse situation resulting from your purchase of FEA.

A full copy of the waiver is available upon request – please email for more details.

We may require customers who purchase certain high-risk, Alpha, or Beta prototype FEA to provide a wet signature on a PDF copy of the liability waiver. If customer fails to respond to email requests, a letter shall be posted to the customer’s shipping address via USPS first class mail with a copy of the waiver. If customer fails to provide a response via post or email, after 60 days from the original date of request, the customer’s order will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued.


We do not ship outside of the United States, or to US territories, APO addresses, freight forwarders or overseas mail forwarding services. We do not ship to PO boxes.

There are areas to which Arcflash Labs, LLC cannot ship FEA. Certain states and municipalities have established certain limitations, and Arcflash Labs, LLC reserves the right not to ship particular products to certain locations.

We cannot ship FEA to the following locations:

  • States:Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, District of Columbia
  • Counties:King County (WA)
  • Cities:Seaside (CA), Bridgeport (CT), Stratford (CT), New York (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Bronx (NY), Staten Island (NY), Queens (NY), Glen Oaks (NY), Floral Park (NY), Yonkers (NY), Buffalo (NY), Rochester (NY) Philadelphia (PA), York (PA)


  • All custom orders are charged in full at the time the order is processed.
  • All release dates/ETA are subject to change.
  • After 2 business days from the date of purchase, all sales are final.
  • We do not accept returns on any Custom Orders.
  • Arcflash Labs, LLC’s policy is to ship all orders complete. If there are other items on the order that you would like to receive sooner, please remove them and place a separate order.
  • Orders containing custom FEA(s) will ship when the units are built.


  • All pre-orders and backorders are charged in full at the time the order is processed.
  • All release dates/ETA are subject to change.
  • Arcflash Labs, LLC’s policy is to ship all orders complete. If there are other items on the order that you would like to receive sooner, please remove them and place a separate order.
  • Orders containing pre-ordered or backordered products will ship when all products on the order can be shipped.


  • Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time prior to shipment.
  • Email us to cancel a pre-order.
  • Upon receipt of your request for cancellation, Arcflash Labs, LLC will issue a refund less a 3.5% cancellation fee (for Paypal/Stripe orders) or 0.1% cancellation fee (for Bitcoin orders).
  • Funds will be returned to customer’s account within 7-10 days (for Paypal orders), 7-14 days (for Stripe orders), or 1-2 days (for Bitcoin orders)


 In the unlikely event that one or multiple customers’ funds are placed on hold by Paypal, or for any reason disallowed to be withdrawn from Paypal, or in the event that Arcflash Labs’ Paypal Merchant Account is closed – NO MERCHANDISE WILL SHIP TO SUCH CUSTOMER(S) UNTIL THE FUNDS FROM SUCH TRANSACTIONS ARE RELEASED FROM PAYPAL. Paypal holds normally last between 7-21 days, but long-term holds may last up to 6 months. In the unlikely event of Paypal account cancellation, funds may not be released for up to 12 months.

In the event of a hold or cancellation, the customer(s) affected will be notified that their funds have been held by Paypal and the estimated amount of time such funds may be locked will be provided. In such a situation, we recommend customers contact Paypal directly, and (loudly) voice their concerns about the necessity and/or legality of such corporate practices.

In order to avoid the risk of Paypal tomfoolery, we recommend customers pay for large or unusual orders in Bitcoin.


Arcflash Labs, LLC processes received orders on a daily basis during our normal work week of Monday – Friday. We observe weekends and national holidays. The timing of your order will affect when it will ship. Processing times for IN-STOCK FEA are normally 7-14 days.

Orders are shipped within the contiguous U.S. via USPS or UPS Ground Services.

These processing times apply to orders that DO NOT include custom FEA, pre-orders or backorders. For orders containing custom FEA, pre-orders or backorders, shipping processing will begin when the order is ready to ship.

Orders shipped via UPS typically take from 2-7 business days to arrive from the time the package leaves our facility.


Buyer agrees to comply with all export laws, restrictions and regulations of the United States governing or relating to optics or any device that contains optical elements purchased from Arcflash Labs, LLC. Furthermore, Buyer represents and warrants to Arcflash Labs, LLC that Buyer is not procuring any products purchased from Arcflash Labs, LLC with the intent to export such product in violation of the US export control laws and regulations, and that Buyer is not a national or resident of any country subject to a US embargo. Buyer will indemnify, defend and hold Arcflash Labs, LLC harmless from and against any and all claims, liability and damages incurred by Arcflash Labs, LLC arising out of Buyer’s breach of these obligations.

Updated 2/1/2023