GR-1 “Anvil”


75 ft-lb semi-automatic Gauss Rifle
The world’s first handheld Gauss Rifle – (alpha) batch 3

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– Unit ships with (1) GR-1 Gauss Rifle, (1) Battery Pack, (1) B6 V3 Lithium Polymer charger and (1) hard carrying case
– Batch 3 models feature a 25% weight reduction and slightly different external cosmetic shell. All other specifications are roughly equivalent to earlier batches.


The Arcflash Labs GR-1 “Anvil” is an 8-stage semi-automatic high voltage Gauss Rifle. It is the most powerful coilgun ever sold to the public, and also (very likely) the most powerful handheld coilgun ever built.

The GR-1 is capable of accelerating any ferromagnetic projectile (under 1/2″ in diameter) to 200+ fps, and can deliver up to 75 ft-lbs of muzzle energy (dependent on ammunition).

The GR-1 uses the world’s most advanced capacitor charging system, a dual Clamped Quasi-Resonant Inverter, which allows the GR-1 to fire up to 20 rounds per minute (at full power) or up to 100 rounds per minute at 50% power.

The GR-1 is capable of accepting 3 different standard projectile lengths (32 mm, 42 mm, and 52 mm) with a unique variable magazine system.

Arcflash Labs recommends the use of 1232, 1242E, or 1252 armatures, but any steel rod, fastener or dowel pin between [11-12.6mm in diameter] and between [30-52mm in length] should work. Please use caution when firing non-OEM armatures and refer to the user manual for guidance before firing. Arcflash Labs is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to the unit or personal injury caused by firing non-OEM armatures.

A video demonstrating ballistics gel penetration can be found at the following link:

Accelerator Specifications

Primary power source 6S LiPo (40+ shots per charge)
Power supply 1000W (CQR)
Capacitors 8x HV electrolytic
Switches 9x HV SCR
Projectile 10-12mm x[variable] alloy steel
Armature Capacity 10 round magazines
Rate of fire up to 100 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity Up to 75 m/s
Muzzle energy Up to 100J
Efficiency 2.8%

Physical Dimensions

Barrel length 26”
Bore 0.5”
Physical Dimensions 38.0” x 8.0” x 3.0”
Overall Weight (unloaded, no battery) 15 lbs

Batch 1 – GR-1 Manual_v2
Batch 2 – GR-1 Manual_B2_v3_chg
Batch 3 – GR-1 Manual_B3_v4_chg

Device exempt from FCC certification under section 15.103-h:  (h) Digital devices in which both the highest frequency generated and the highest frequency used are less than 1.705 MHz and which do not operate from the AC power lines or contain provisions for operation while connected to the AC power lines. Digital devices that include, or make provision for the use of, battery eliminators, AC adaptors or battery chargers which permit operation while charging or that connect to the AC power lines indirectly, obtaining their power through another device which is connected to the AC power lines, do not fall under this exemption.  For more information:

Additional information

Weight 690 oz
Dimensions 45 × 17 × 7 in
Lead Time

Lead time on backorder: 4-6 months.

Shipping restrictions

Cannot ship to the following states: Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, District of Columbia. The following counties: King County (WA). The following cities: Seaside (CA), Bridgeport (CT), Stratford (CT), New York (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Bronx (NY), Staten Island (NY), Queens (NY), Glen Oaks (NY), Floral Park (NY), Yonkers (NY), Buffalo (NY), Rochester (NY) Philadelphia (PA), York (PA).
If you are a resident of a state which is highly restricted but you are outside the restricted city or county in such a state, please contact us before ordering.

Shipping cost

Approx. $200 due to high weight, additional insurance and signature verification. Dependent on location.

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